Another Inconvenient PR Truth – tell us what you think

Posted by Chris Green on Monday March 15 @ 11:04 am

Back in January I blogged about a new campaign to encourage PRs to stop spamming the press with unwanted and unfocused communications. After a fantastic initial response, the team behind this campaign have put together a survey looking at the issue in more depth.

You can find the survey here, if you are a journalist please take a few moments to complete it and tell us exactly what you think about the state of irrelevant press release emails (otherwise known as “PR Spam”).

I’ve popped up on Google Maps Street View again

Posted by Chris Green on Thursday March 11 @ 10:23 am

Me on Google Maps Street View, outside the office

Originally uploaded by Chris Green.

I’ve been captured again by the Google Street View cameras. This time one of Google’s sinister-looking black Vauxhall Astra camera cars caught me walking back into my office in Hampshire at lunchtime.

It’s a surprisingly good pic, helped by it being a clear sunny day, and has captured far more detail than the last Google Street View pic of me walking down the road from my old house in West London.

An inconvenient (PR) truth

Posted by Chris Green on Thursday January 28 @ 10:48 am

As a journalist I know all too well that there is simply far too much spam pushed out by the PR community. It is something I have always vowed I would try and change given the opportunity.

These days, I do have that opportunity and I do my bit wherever possible to stop the flow of unnecessary and irrelevant comms flowing out to my colleagues, who have much better things to do than read press releases about lawnmowers when they write for a PC modding mag, financial results releases when they only cover product.

Anyway, the guys over at RealWire, along with some like-minded PRs and journalists have come together to support a campaign to stamp out PR spam. I’m backing it too! They have a video, it’s rather good:

Find out more at:

Apple financials on CNBC

Posted by Chris Green on Thursday January 22 @ 1:31 pm
Chris on CNBC Squawk Box talking about Apple's quaterly financials

Chris on CNBC Squawk Box talking about Apple's quaterly financials

I popped up on CNBC this morning on behalf of DMG Europe to talk about Apple’s quarterly financials and the business implications of a permanent departure by Steve Jobs.

You can view the video here.

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