New home shirt, La La La, New sponsor, La La La!

Posted by Chris Green on Thursday July 3 @ 2:56 pm

Behold the new QPR home shirt for the 2008/09 season:

QPR home shirt

As you will see (and counter to some of the speculation that has been buzzing around the net) it is still blue and white hoops. It also features a new sponsor, the nice people at Gulf Air, West London’s favourite airline.

This is a huge improvement on the last two seasons, when, desperate for money, we did a deal to be sponsored by the dodgy secondhand car dealer round the corner from our Loftus Road stadium.

And look, look I tell you at our stylish Italian-designed shirt, that doesn’t at all look like it was knocked together in a hurry for the Gulf Air photo shoot ūüôā

But seriously – nice one, my shirt pre-order has already been placed!

Football Factoid….

Posted by Chris Green on Wednesday February 6 @ 8:00 pm

In the last 45 years, every single England football manager (the national team that is), has won or drawn their first game in charge, including that waste of space Steve McLaren.

The only one that lost his first game in charge……….World Cup-winning England manager Alf Ramsey!

Euro 2008 suddenly loses interest for me…..

Posted by Chris Green on Wednesday November 21 @ 11:00 pm

England managed to piss away their place in Euro 2008 tonight. Having been handed the mother of all second chances by Israel, all we had to do was beat a Croatia team that had nothing to play for, having already qualified no matter what their final result was.

Having gone 2-0 down thanks to two schoolboy errors by a rookie England keeper that had no business starting the game, we levelled it, and then blew it thanks to a cracking shot from a Croatian substitute.

With Russia having won 1-0 against Andorra, we are now out of the competition.

So, assuming Steve McLaren makes it out of Wembley alive tonight, will he do the decent thing and resign straight away or force the FA to sack his worthless arse.

Also – Scott Carson – you plank, you utter utter plank.

But spare a thought for kit maker Umbro, which has more than a few England shirts piling up in its warehouse. The company will be lucky to sell these as dish cloths now, and will probably be forced into a profits warning as a result of tonight’s failure.

The loss of a football legend: Alan Ball

Posted by Chris Green on Wednesday April 25 @ 9:33 am

I’m at the HP Technology@Work conference this morning and fired up the Slingbox to catch the news. Have just heard the very sad news that Alan Ball, the youngest member of the 1966 World Cup winning squad has passed away after a sudden heart attack.

Very sad indeed, as there are so few of that team still with us. I had the good fortune to meet Alan Ball at a charity football event a few years ago, without doubt one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Very funny, very friendly, a good commentator and a completely genuine person. He will be missed.

Last home game of the season….

Posted by Chris Green on Saturday April 22 @ 9:52 am

QPR v Watford

Today marks the start of a very busy week for me. Today I’m off to Loftus Road to watch QPR take on West London rivals Watford in what will be our last home game of the season. Should prove interesting either way.

Monday is my leaving do, Tuesday is my last actual day at work, and I’ll be driving in to the West End in order to rescue all my crap from the office.

Wednesday I am packing, and then Thursday we jet off to LA.

Somewhere in the middle of all that I need to get some sleep!

Disney swallows Pixar at last – good news for iPod owners?

Posted by Chris Green on Wednesday January 25 @ 3:13 pm

Pixar Web Site 

Last night’s confirmation that Disney has made an agreed bid for¬†animation studio¬†Pixar was no surprise. Disney needs Pixar – Pixar does not need Disney – hence the hefty premium ($7.4bn) being paid for the company. Many analysts have already expressed surprise at how high a sum Pixar is being bought for, with many expecting a deal around the $5-5.5bn mark.

By taking control of Pixar, Disney not only takes full control of all the media rights relating to the previous computer-animated movies that Pixar has made for Disney, but also lucerative merchandising and spin-off rights and full rights to produces sequels based on those past franchises such as Toy Story and Monsters Inc (prior to the takeover, Pixar retained an option to co-produce any future sequels based on past work, even if they had not renewed their distribution deal).

But this deal is not about Pixar rights alone. For its money, Disney is buying creative talent and intellectrual property locked up in the minds of Pixar’s loyal and successful team, people Disney didn’t have a hope in hell of poaching away from Pixar without buying the whole thing. These people are the new Walt Disney, and will bring the same creative flair and sense of child-like¬†wonder and imagination to animation that has been missing from Disney since the old man himself pased away.

So Disney finally gets what it needs to survive and to underpin the Disney side of the empire. But what does Pixar, or more to the point, Steve Jobs get from the deal?

The maverick Jobs, who originally spent just $10m to buy the original assets that Pixar was founded on, will make his entire investment back 30+ times over. It also means that he has more-or-less made back all the money his missed out on by cashing in his original Apple stock after he was fired during his first tenure at the company he co-founded.

Jobs is motivated by money, but not by money alone – his remains motivated by successful creativity, and this is where the deal will really pay off for him, and by close association, for Apple Computer.

There are several things to consider once this takeover is complete:

  1. Steve Jobs will directly own just over 7% of Disney
  2. Disney owns numerous media assets including the ABC television network, the ESPN sports television channels (and with it the broadcast rights to numerous popular sporting events), Miramax Films, Buena Vista International, Touchstone Television, a record label, not to mention everything Disney from theme parks to a back catalogue of movies, cartoons and TV that is among the largest in the world.
  3. Disney was the first company to provide paid-for broadcast video content via iTunes in the form of new episodes of Desperate Housewives and Lost (no doubt done as a gesture to help build bridges with Jobs)
  4. Apple needs more of this kind of content to maintain the momentum of iPod sales and iTunes transactions.

It does not take a rocket scientist to work out the obvious synergies to be had.

Steve is not stupid, and will no doubt use his significant holding in Disney and subsequent board seat to encourage the company to work more closely with his first love Apple, and to ensure that more new and archive Disney content is released to the work through iTunes at a time and in a way that will underpin demand for new iPods and generally encourage users to remain locked into the Apple/iPod experience.

In the current climate, you can have the greatest hardware going, or the worst, but ultimately it is the content that will make or break you!

London to host 2012 Olympics

Posted by Chris Green on Wednesday July 6 @ 1:02 pm

This is indeed a sad day for Britain, and specifically London. Not only will taxpayers be funding this overblown sporting ad-fest for the next 20-30 years, but in true British sporting venue fashion, it will make Athens look well-planned and ahead of schedule.

It will clog the roads, the tubes, the airports, and the ghetto of North East London that will supposedly be regenerated by the ¬£10bn investment that will fund the event, will in fact revert back to being London’s cesspit (just with newer brickwork) within 12 months of the Olympics leaving our shores.

A disaster for Britain – and another white elephant on the lines of the Millennium Dome waiting to happen.

Only this time, we won’t be able to swallow the cost and forget about it.

Full Time: West Ham 2 – Ipswitch Town 2

Posted by Chris Green on Saturday May 14 @ 2:15 pm

Blimey – Ipswitch were a different team in the second half, and fought back for the draw. All to play for in the second leg.

Come on Ipswitch!

Half Time: West Ham 2 – Ipswitch Town 1

Posted by Chris Green on Saturday May 14 @ 1:09 pm

A lucky own goal has got Ipswitch back into the game – here’s hoping they can do something with it come the second half!

Wembley, Queen and PlayOffs

Posted by Chris Green on Saturday May 14 @ 12:56 pm

An interesting few days have just passed.

Wednesday evening was spent at the very strange ‘Wenmley Arena Pavilion’ in West London where Queen (with Paul Rodgers helping out in place of the late Freddie Mercury) were playing a rather good one-night gig.

Great show, great music (I would not call myself a Queen fan, but I really liked what I heard) and some surprise and dismay with the venue.

Wembley Arena proper is undergoing a much needed and long-overdue refit as part of the overall redevelopment of the Wembley site (for those reading who are not familiar with the Wembley site, it includes Wembley Stadium which is being rebuilt and is due for completion in May 2006 in time for the FA Cup Final, Wembley Arena and Wembley Conference and Exhibition Centre), and in order to keep some revenue coming into the site while both the Arena and the Stadium are out of action, they have erected a 12,000 seat tent in what was the Arena car park.

Being a tent, the acoustics are terrible, and the seats are not the most comfortable (and I felt so sorry for anyone sat on the floor level seats who I’m sure saw bugger-all all evening. We had seats right at the back, so we were miles from the stage, but at least we had proper tiered seats so could see over the row in front of us. However there is more legroom that there was in the Arena proper, and all the other facilities (bars, food outlets, toilets, merchandising outlets etc) are far better that we previously enjoyed in the Arena proper. Have a look over at for the views of Queen ‘s Brian May, who was absolutely disgusted by the venue – so much so that his first words after saying hello to the crowd was to apologise for the ‘god-forsaken shithole of a building’ they were playing in. Respect is due to Brian for actually caring about the fans.

And finally, as I write this, the first leg of the West Ham/Ipswitch play-off semi final is taking place. As a QPR fan, I am of course backing Ipswitch. However, they are getting their arses kicked in this leg, so it will take a miracle if they are to prevent West Hame from making it to the final. Here’s hoping for that miracle!

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