Blueyonder delivers on 10Mb Broadband

Posted by Chris Green on Friday September 30 @ 6:00 pm

Great news, today also saw a confirmation email arrive from Blueyonder, confirming that my 2Mb Cable broadband line is now a 10Mb line, for no extra cost.

And it’s going like a rocket! Downloaded a disk image from MSDN this morning – it was down in around 25 minutes against nearly 2 hours on the 2Mb line.

While I have had levelled many well-documented and well-deserved criticisms at the door of Blueyonder and its parent Telewest over the years, today at least, I can say Well Done! Now – just don’t balls it up!

Google Video: first Impressions

Posted by Chris Green on Friday September 30 @ 11:47 am

First up – apologies for the lack of updates. September has been one hell of a month, and I’ll do a post shortly to tell you about our adventures in the name of work and play over this incredible month.

For now however, I want to talk about Google Video, the latest ‘beta’ service launched by our good friends and future anti-trust convictees (probably).

Launched a couple of days ago, Google Video gives you access to a range of video content, from crap home movies, to news bulletins from around the world. Content is played out using a web-based video player which works on both Internet Explorer and Safari (which will please Mac users). Haven’t had a chance to try it on Safari.

Am currently watching a clip from the last series of Top Gear (the BBC motoring programme) in which the presenters do a race to Oslo, with a car racing a ferry! Not too sure how legal this particular piece of content is (as I don’t think it is being provided by the BBC), but its all good nonetheless.

It is also made very useable by my supercharged broadband connection. Woke up this morning to an email which confirmed that my 2Mb Cable Broadband service is now a 10Mb Cable broadband service – at no extra charge. A quick speed test at confirmed that it is running at full speed.

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