I’ve bought the video iPod

Posted by Chris Green on Tuesday November 15 @ 1:01 pm

I’ve finally diven in to temptation and bought a video iPod. After initally hating this device, I have slowly been won over by it and the associated video offerings from Apple and numerous video podcasters, and so while in Ontario, California last week at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo, I had Amazon.com ship a 60GB unito to my hotel.

Having now logged some serious play time with the new iPod on the flight home and last night while failing to sleep, I can say that it is a definite technology success. The video playback quality is very impressive, thanks to the use of hardware video decoding over software-based, the audio playback is equally impressive, though still not as good as my iRiver H320, and the enlarged screen is bright, sharp and much better suited to viewing long playlists and the podcasts subfolder.

So far I have only added a couple of music videos, a Pixar short, and a few episodes of the excellent video podcast Rocketboom to the device, but I am sure that come the weekend, I’ll have this baby fully stocked with content.

More on the Podcast and Portable Media Expo later, once I have had a chance to shake off the jetlag.

Warming to the new Apple Video iPod

Posted by Chris Green on Saturday November 5 @ 2:58 pm

When Apple announced the Video iPod, I was somewhat disappointed with the device. While it does an excellent job of playing video, I was disappointed that Apple opted for crowbarring a 2.5inch screen into the existing form factor, rather than redesigning the device to accommodate a much larger, widescreen display.

I was also disappointed that the new iPod only ships in 30GB and 60GB configurations, with no 80GB or 100GB option – lets face it, with video content now coming thick and fast in the form of music videos, tv shows, movie shorts, video podcasts and iPod porn – the more storage available the better!

However, the more I play with the device the more I warm to it – I am still disappointed by the lack of a bigger unit than the 60GB one, but I am starting to come to terms with the small screen – it really is OK to watch for a prolonged period.

One has to wonder how long it will be before I sell my 4GB Nano and 3G 40Gb iPod and invest in a 60GB Video iPod.

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