Computing Podcast – Dot Net Solutions interview at Mix06

Posted by Chris Green on Tuesday March 28 @ 9:56 pm

My latest Computing Podcast is online over at This is an interview from the ground at Mix06 in Las Vegas.

In this show, I talk to Tim Scarfe and Nick Swan from Windsor-based Dot Net Solutions at Microsoft’s Mix06 conference in Las Vegas. We discuss with them the pros and cons of Microsoft’s new developer technologies, Windows Vista and Internet Explorer from the developer and user perspectives.

You can download it and subscribe to the RSS feed for this and all future episodes at

All hail Howard Stern

Posted by Chris Green on Friday March 17 @ 2:04 pm

Stern Poster

Originally uploaded by Cardie.

You have to love the message in this poster – seems Mr Stern is enjoying life on Sirius satellite ratio in the US, which is free of the FCC regulations that Stern regularly fell foul of on terrestrial radio.

Computing Magazine @ Microsoft Mix06

Posted by Chris Green on Thursday March 16 @ 11:45 am

Mix06 Logo

I’m heading off to fabulous Las Vegas on Sunday to attend Microsoft’s Mix06 conference.

While I’m there I’ll be producing a special blog around the event for Computing Magazine, as well as filing no less than three podcasts from the event.

I will of course be posting items to my own blog while I am there.

Skype Me!

Posted by Chris Green on Tuesday March 14 @ 8:54 pm

My status

Calling bug halts US Razr sales

Posted by Chris Green on Monday March 13 @ 4:55 pm

Two US mobile operators have stopped selling Motorola’s popular Razr phone as a batch of the handsets is found to be faulty.
The bug in the phones cuts off callers or makes the device shut down when the flip of the slimline handset is opened.

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Early thoughts on Apple’s latest hardware releases

Posted by Chris Green on Tuesday March 7 @ 10:26 pm

More detailed post to follow, but here are some initial comments:

1) Intel Mac Mini – I am very pleased to see a Core Duo in one of these – it will make for a VERY powerful little computer. I am also glad to see the existing form factor was not sacrificed. The price hike was a shame, but considering the additional functionality was possibly unavoidable – remote controls do not grow on trees. The move to expensive laptop RAM is a real bummer, but is slightly offset by the move to two sockets which will at least make any user upgrades easier to swallow financially. Finally, I was dismayed to see the departure from a dedicated graphics card to Intel’s on-board and usually below-par shared memory graphics controller technology.

Mac Mini review unit is coming THIS THURSDAY!!! So expect to see a review soon.

2) iPod Hi-Fi – In short – Oh Dear! Popped into the Regent Street Apple Slum to check this out the day after it was announced – plenty of stock and the total lack of buyers was very clear to see. Most were put off by the audio quality, the rest by the very high price for a very poor speaker system. The store had one set up by the front door – at moderate-to-high volume it distorted to the point of being inaudible, at lower levels, sound was flat and almost muffled regardless of equaliser setting. I tested with both the demo Nano wedged in it and my own music from my 60Gig iPod Video. at $349 US and £249 UK it is the same price as the Bose SoundDock and cheaper than the Altec Lansing iM7 – two far better options based on my early experience with the product.

And finally – currently having fun with a MacBook Pro – very impressed with this first attempt at a Intel-based laptop. While it is basically the same design as a Powerbook, under the bonnet you notice a real difference. Faster, more stable, although there may be some heat issues to contend with going forward.

More on this soon.

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