I’m leaving, on a Jet Plane……

Posted by Chris Green on Thursday April 27 @ 9:56 am

BA 747

… I’ll be back in three weeks or so!

Yep – it is holiday time, and Liz and I are jetting off to the US for three weeks of much needed rest, relaxation, shopping, sightseeing, wining and dining!

BA 747

We start in Los Angeles for a few days, before driving over to Las Vegas. We are spending a week there (yes, you really can spend a week in Vegas without going insane!)


From Vegas we fly on to San Francisco. Five days in San Fran, staying down near Fisherman’s Wharf, before we hop back in the car and head over to Napa Valley. We round off the trip with a few days touring Napa and Sonoma, sampling the best the wine region has to offer.

When its back to San Fran, a quick flight back to LA, and then back on the big bird to Heathrow.

BA Club World

I’ve cashed in all my air miles to get us BA Club World seats both ways (and I don’t even want to think about how many years of business travel when into building up the 200,000 miles needed to get them), so BA’s rather average cabin staff had better be having two of their better days when we travel!

The end of an era……

Posted by Chris Green on Tuesday April 25 @ 2:58 pm

It’s my last day at Computing! The cupboards have been emptied, the desk cleared, and now all that is left to do is load my gear into the car and head off into the sunset.

The last eight years have flown by!

Nonetheless, roll on May 18th and my new job over at Dennis.

It’s leaving do day!

Posted by Chris Green on Monday April 24 @ 11:56 am

Star and Garter 

Yep – tonight is the night that the great and the good will descend on a Soho pub to join me in celebrating the end of my tenure at Computing.

Drop me an email if you have not received/lost/forgotten the details of where and when the festivities are taking place.

Are you on my Frappr map yet?

Posted by Chris Green on Sunday April 23 @ 5:33 pm


In between sneezing today I’ve been having a fresh play with Frappr. Basically, Frappr is a social networking service which makes excellent use of Google Maps for global mapping. The people behind Frappr have done a great deal of work on the service since I last played with it, and it is quickly evolving into a very slick and useful tool to see where your friends, contacts, readers, listeners etc are based.

So, get yourself a Frappr account, and start finding and adding your friends and contacts to your map.

To get you started, here’s mine: http://www.frappr.com/chrisgreen

Last home game of the season….

Posted by Chris Green on Saturday April 22 @ 9:52 am

QPR v Watford

Today marks the start of a very busy week for me. Today I’m off to Loftus Road to watch QPR take on West London rivals Watford in what will be our last home game of the season. Should prove interesting either way.

Monday is my leaving do, Tuesday is my last actual day at work, and I’ll be driving in to the West End in order to rescue all my crap from the office.

Wednesday I am packing, and then Thursday we jet off to LA.

Somewhere in the middle of all that I need to get some sleep!

My hay fever lands me in trouble with an old friend

Posted by Chris Green on Friday April 21 @ 9:44 pm

On my way home from the office this evening, I managed, albeit unintentionally, to make a complete arse of myself, and in the process annoy an old school friend (sadly not for the first time).

A combination of feeling like crap and not being able to see properly thanks to a bad hay fever day meant that my blurry glances across the tube carraige towards someone I thought I recognised, did in fact look like I was giving said school friend the skink eye.

This was absolutely not my intention, and the subsequent pissed-off email I received from said school friend quickly made me realised that 1) it was who I thought it was and 2) what a git I must have seemed like under the circumstances.

Hopefully the apology I have just sent back will get to them rather than being filed in their Hotmail junk folder.

I hate hay fever, especially as I have only suffered from it for the last few years.

And if you are reading this – I really am sorry!

It’s true, I am leaving Computing!

Posted by Chris Green on Wednesday April 19 @ 5:02 pm

After dropping a fairly large hint on this blog last week, I can now confirm that, after eight years in various roles at Computing, I am leaving!

Next Tuesday, April 25th, will be my last day!

This is good news! I am taking a much-needed holiday immediately after my last day, and once I’ve had a few weeks off to enjoy the Californian sunshine, I am taking up an exciting new role as the Editor on a new business IT title.

I’m having a leaving do in Soho on Monday 24th April, and if you have not received an email with the details, please drop me a line and I’ll let you know the details. Apologies if I have not mailed you directly, it is not intentional, so please get in touch!

Google gets a calendar

Posted by Chris Green on Thursday April 13 @ 12:34 pm

Google Calendar

The boys and girls at Google have been busy again, this time rolling out a web based calendar service, unsurprisingly named Google Calendar.

The free service, which can be accessed with an existing Gmail or Google account username and password, can import iCal or CSV content, can send email, SMS or pop-up alerts of approaching appointments, supports shared calendars (very very useful), and provides day, week, month, agenda and custom views similar to Apple’s iCal nd Microsoft’s Outlook.

Creating an event is as simple as double clicking on the time or day of the event, and completing the subsequent pop-up box. Clicking the Create Event link on the main page takes you to a more detailed, customisable event entry form with support for reoccuring events, distribution lists and custom reminder times.

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