I’ve killed Google!

Posted by Chris Green on Thursday October 12 @ 5:14 pm

Google’s been having a bad day today. I’ve noticed that performance on the world’s favourite search engine has been a bit below-par today. We’ve also been hit with the anti-denial-of-service-attack countermeasures, which suggest they’ve been under strain from someone/something.

And now I see that attempts to do even basic searches are producing 404 messages.

I think I might have broken it – oops!

Google Dead

Returning to Farnham

Posted by Chris Green on Friday October 6 @ 2:52 pm

Lion and Lamb

This past weekend I paid a visit to my old stomping ground of Farnham, in Surrey.

I lived in Farnham for a little over three years while I was at university (the Surrey Institute, now known as University College of the Creative Arts) and for a short while afterwards. It is a lovely town, but one that struggles to come to terms with itself, being a student town, a well-heeled Surrey residential area and a commuter town (tis but a short and unpleasant train ride from Waterloo).

Anyway, this is only the second time I have been back since I moved, the first being a few years back when I went back to do some media training for Whiteoaks PR (its offices, on West Street, used to be a halls of residence for the Surrey Institute while I was a student there). Not too much has changed in the town – a few new shops, and the Wimpey has gone, but other than that the place is much as I left it. Even the university has not really changed since I left, which is as good thing.

Barley Mow

Best of all, my favourite pub, The Barley Mow in nearby Tilford is still going strong, and is as good as ever – we had a smashing lunch there, though due to the rain there was no cricket on the village green that day.

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