That CNBC interview in full…..

Posted by Chris Green on Tuesday January 30 @ 8:12 am

CNBC Europe have been quick off the mark in getting footage of this morning’s interview online.

CNBC Still

Be warned, the web-based video player CNBC uses only seems to work properly in IE, not Firefox or Safari sadly.

It’s Vista Day – so I’ll be on the telly again!

Posted by Chris Green on Tuesday January 30 @ 4:54 am

Good morning

As I finish typing this and make it live, it’s very very early on Tuesday morning, and I’m off out to do the first of three very early media appearances to talk about the real launch (as opposed to that nasty smelly fake launch back in November) of Windows Vista.

Today I’ll be popping up on the following channels:

BBC Radio 5 Live: Wake Up To Money – 5.30-6am
CNBC Europe: Squawk Box – 6.50am
CNN International: 8.15am
Al Jazeera (pre-recorded): some time Tuesday morning

If anyone wants me after this lot, I’ll be curled up in a ball under my desk sleeping 🙂

I’m all Joost up!

Posted by Chris Green on Saturday January 27 @ 9:44 am

I’m pleased to announce that my search for a Joost beta invite has been successful. I now have it installed on the Gateway lappy and I have been very impressed with it thus far. However, as it is still in reasonably early beta there is a lot of performance optimisation to be done, which shows when the app is running as it is very resource hungry.

Many thanks to Jim Hughes for the invite and to Ewan “iPod Shuffle Shuffle” Spence for brokering the deal.

I desperately need a Joost beta invite

Posted by Chris Green on Sunday January 21 @ 12:09 pm

If anyone has a spare Joost beta invite, could I please have it? You will be well rewarded for your generosity :0

Please email me or leave a comment.

Thanks in advance.

I have succumbed to Twitter

Posted by Chris Green on Friday January 19 @ 2:20 pm

Not usually being one to follow the crowd (I prefer to lead it, usually while carrying a flaming torch or a pitchfork), I have made an exception and become the latest convert in the world of IT journalism to Twitter.

Twitter is basically like a meeting of instant messaging and texting – short messages that can be put on public display or circulated to your group of contacts that tell them what you are doing, thinking or planning to hit with a shovel.

So – here’s mine!

My CNBC interview on Apple’s first quarter results

Posted by Chris Green on Thursday January 18 @ 9:36 am

CNBC still

Those nice people at CNBC Europe have already uploaded to their web site the footage of my interview this morning discussing Apple’s first quarter results.
You can view it here:

(Note: CNBC’s embedded video player tends to work better in IE than Firefox)

The big screen experience on the surface of your eye!

Posted by Chris Green on Wednesday January 17 @ 8:53 pm

Over at IT PRO, I’ve posted a new blog post about a very cool piece of prototype technology I saw demonstrated in Spain yesterday.

Using retinal projection, images such as pictures, movies and 3D shapes are projected using a low-light micro projector directly onto the eye. This produces a viewing experience similar to a big-screen display like a cinema screen or a very large plasma screen at close range, but without the need for the actual fixed display.

It’s not going to be for everyone, and it is nowhere near ready for commercial applications do to a lack of a suitable minature mobile power source and the fact that Brother, the company responsible for it, has yet to minaturise the majority of the electronics that drive the micro projector. Oh yes, and we don’t really have a suitable wireless technology for connecting the projector (usually mounted in a pair of glasses) to the media source such as a phone network, set-top box etc.

The technology and the concept also reminds me a lot of the game glasses from the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode entitled The Game, in which members of the Enterprise crew find themselves subject to mind control after playing a computer game that beams a 3D display into the players eyes, and uses mind power to move the playing pieces (red floating discs) around.

The Brother technology is hopefully not as sinister, but it is also probably 10-20 years away from hitting the market, due to the power delivery problems and the lack of any suitable battery technology that is small enough to keep it portable, yet powerful enough to run the glasses for any prolonged period of time.

This is a “one-to-watch” technology, and another example of something from Star Trek that has inspired a real-world technological manifestation.

Retinal projection – the coolest thing in the world!

Posted by Chris Green on Tuesday January 16 @ 10:31 am

I’m in Spain at the moment with Brother for a conference. I’ve just seen a demo of their prototype retinal imaging technology. The technology, fitted into an ordinary pair of glasses, projects high-resolution and 3D images straight onto the retina using low-light, targeted projection. It is very very loosely based on inkjet print head technology.

Sounds very Star Trek I know but it is real and it works. Nowhere near ready for commercialisation as all the backend technologies still need to be scaled down, and there are massive power issues to address (think Tesco trolley full of batteries at the moment), but nonetheless – Cool!

I wonder if I could hook a video iPod up to it? It would make watching movies at work a lot less obvious!

CNBC’s video playback is really useful

Posted by Chris Green on Friday January 12 @ 7:59 pm

I’ve just been having a look at CNBC Europe’s web site, which now offers an extensive library of past interview clips.

Hunting around, they have the footage of my interview from Wednesday analysing Apple’s iPhone announcement:

Also on the site is my brief discussion about Apple’s prospects after 30 years:

Sadly, the inline video player CNBC is using doesn’t seem to like Firefox too much, but works well with IE.

The thing about the iPhone is……

Posted by Chris Green on Thursday January 11 @ 10:33 pm


….. I really want one, even though I know I will hate the touchscreen input mechanism.

Having finally caught up on the Macworld keynote footage, I am extremely impressed by this device. The features and functionality that has been squeezed into the package is really encouraging, as is the use of full-blown Mac OS X applications such as the Safari web browser.

Battery life is OK – not great, but better than my Sidekick II, that’s for sure. Speaking of which, I really must get my hands on a Sidekick III from somewhere. Hint hint!


After having it weigh on my mind for a good 48 hours now, and after extensive email and MySpace conversations with a colleague from Micro Mart, I have decided to embrace my inner Mac and commit to buying one (you see, I do buy technology now and again, but it is so much nicer to get it on long-term loan).

So today, I have founded the iPhone Fund, a savings account into which I shall shove enough money over the next nine months to buy a iPhone, assuming a few things don’t change my plans in the meantime:

1) When I finally get to spend some quality time with one, it turns out to be rubbish!

2) The exclusive network for the UK turns out to be O2, which is rubbish and should be avoided at all costs.

3) I can’t buy one SIM-free, if the exclusive network is not T-Mobile, or Vodafone, or Orange (the latter two will need to sort out their pricing for data though).

Assuming that the iPhone does not fall foul of any of these points, I’ll buy one. Or, I’ll buy a Nano and gaffer tape it to a PDA.

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