UPDATED: Catch me on BBC Radio 5 Live on Monday morning

Posted by Chris Green on Sunday May 27 @ 11:53 pm

Just a quick update to say I’ll be on Wake Up To Money on BBC Radio 5 Live tomorrow (Monday May 28th) at 5.30am UK time talking about Facebook and its ambitious plans for the future. Should be an entertaining discussion – don’t miss it!

You can download the podcast of the show here.

Things I’ve learned this week…

Posted by Chris Green on Wednesday May 23 @ 10:04 pm

OK, so you know things are not going well when I do one of these on a Wednesday. On the plus side, I have not done a TILTW post in over six weeks, mainly because life and work has been pretty good, and busy, for the most part.

Anyway – time for a braindump. This latest crop of bullet points actally span the last three weeks to be honest, but they are more interesting than just the last 72 hours.

1) Comedy shows at Fopp are brilliant!
2) Comedy shows at Fopp are even more brilliant when in the right company 😉
3) Valencia is a really nice place, especially the marina, but it’s a pig to get to and from if you fly from Heathrow.
4) The quality of English used in some of the written journalism I’ve been reading of late is bloody awful, and the author deserves a baseball bat round the head for it.
5) The digitisation of the entire UK speed camera network worries me, not because of the Big Brother implications, but because it raises the chances of the bastards catching me and the Rover……assuming we ever stray over the speed limit, which of course we never do, as that would be illegal.
6) Speaking of Big Brother, the new series starts on Channel 4 a week on Friday. I’m seriously considering emigrating to the Lost island for the duration as it doesn’t appear to be in range of a British TV signal.
7) I really want to go and see the film Fast Food Nation, but hardly any cinemas are showing it……but the Prince Charles Cinema (the cheap one) off Leicester Square will be showing it next week, which is great.
8.) I have plans for Saturday, possibly Sunday, but no idea what to do with Monday.
9) The Tube has already become the hottest, most uncomfortable place on the planet, and it’s only May!
10) The broadband router Sky supplied with my DSL service is still shite!
11) On the plus side, the Virgin cable broadband is still working really well, and so might get a stay of execution.
12) The new Haymarket Hotel is really cool, and the restaurant there is excellent.
13) I was recently described as the Alan Sugar of IT journalism – not sure if that was an insult of a compliment.
14) I am deeply in love with my new Macbook – I might have missed out on the 0.16Ghz speed bump and some extra hard drive space, but it is by far the best computer I have ever owned.
15) Katie on the Apprentice is either a man in drag or she used to be a man before the operation.
16) Liverpool missed out in the European Cup final. I think they need a spell in the Championship to rediscover the art of playing real football again 
17) I hate going to Paris on business.
18) Planning a summer BBQ party, but no idea which date to do it on, and whether I should go for a Saturday or a Sunday – advice please.
19) Some people (by which I mean cantankerous old bastards who seem to live to write snotty complaint emails) shouldn’t be allowed to read business IT news web sites. Or own technology. Or be allowed to waste valuable oxygen by continuing to live.
20) I need a new bag for work!
21) Despite what people might tell you – mojitos, wine, gin & tonics and beer do nit mix well, if my hangover after the Met Bar was anything to go by.

To Twitter or not to Twitter, that is the question!

Posted by Chris Green on Wednesday May 9 @ 4:36 pm

I had a comment posted to the blog a little while ago that I thought warranted a proper reply, rather than being buried as another comment. Mhairi Clarke contacted me to ask about my views and experiences using Twitter, the short message mini-blog system:

So are you still twittering? Do you find it useful? I’m a PR student almost at the end of a masters degree and I’m writing about PR and new media as part of my uni blog. From a social aspect I can see the benefits although it’s probably not something I’m going to do to be honest but in terms of receiving news and communicating with audiences it seems like a massive jump in the right direction?

Hi Mhairi

Yes, I am still using Twitter, in fact I’m using it more often than ever before. At the time of writing, I’ve made 227 Twitter posts, and have 34 Twitter friends and 27 followers, all of whom are a mixture of friends, work contacts, industry peers and people stalking me (in a friendly way, rather than the Jack Nicholson’s character from the Shining approach). Also – I am pleased to say that Scoble is NOT one of my friends or followers.

As I use a device with a proper QWERTY keyboard (my Sidekick 2) rather than a phone, it is much easier and quicker for me to punch out a Twitter post than for people using a phone text message-style. It’s not cheap, as at the moment SMS posts to Twitter do not come out of my free texts allowance, but hoping that will change soon.

As for what Twitter brings to the table, you are right, it is a very effective news distribution and promotion mechanism, and I am looking at how we can use Twitter to point people towards interesting content online and offline. The BBC and most recently Al Jazeera have had great success using Twitter to promote and link to new news articles as they are posted to the web. For the user, this provides a cheap, near-real-time and multi-device way of being kept in touch with important and breaking news.

Socially, Twitter fulfils many of the functions of a blog, only in very small, bite size chunks. It is that limitation that makes it complementary to a blog, rather than a replacement. Twitter is for quick thoughts and outbursts. The blog is for longer (or slightly longer) more considered posts, and allows for more use of linking and graphics. The Twitter feed is a way for my friends and other people I know to keep up to date with where I am and what I am doing – and visa versa, to engage me and those who subscribe to my Twitter feed in conversation and debate, and Twitter can serve as a conversation starter and thought provoker.

You really should give it a go – Like a Sky+ box it’s as addictive as crack and can be very amusing.

Two years old today – my blog that is!

Posted by Chris Green on Wednesday May 9 @ 3:57 pm


Birthday cake

Amid the remains of my hangover, I’ve just realised that this blog is two years old today.

Yes, for the last 730 days I’ve actually managed to keep this blog more-or-less ticking over and current, and that has got to be a record for me. It is also a great advert for WordPress – in that it is easy enough to use and maintain that I have not become fed up and despondent about the whole concept of blogging.

Mind you, looking at the growing list of monthly archives to the left, I’m going to have to sort out an overall archive page or something to tidy it up.

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