Bank Holiday Monday Media Madness

Posted by Chris Green on Monday August 27 @ 4:56 am

It’s extremely early, and I’m getting ready to head in to BBC Television Centre for a morning of radio appearances to talk about iPhone hacking:

  • BBC Radio 5 Live (Wake Up To Money): 5.30am (Live)
  • BBC Radio 4 (Today Programme): 7.20am (Live)
  • BBC Scotland (Good Morning Scotland): Pre-record for some time this morning.

The trick will be to sound like I’m actually awake, which I am not!

Has online finally killed the retail star?

Posted by Chris Green on Wednesday August 22 @ 11:28 pm

Reading the news that yet another retail chain has failed in the face of competition from bigger online rivals and major supermarkets, one has to wonder if the economics of online retailing in any sector are such now that only the biggest bricks-and-mortar traders can hope to compete on equal terms?

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Apple European iPhone deals expected next week

Posted by Chris Green on Wednesday August 22 @ 1:44 pm

Report in the German version of the FT indicates that O2 will get Apple’s iPhone smartphone in the UK, T-Mobile in Germany and Orange in France, plus IT PRO has some additional detail and original comment on how pricing, subsidy and revenue-sharing is going to work.

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Holiday is back on

Posted by Chris Green on Monday August 20 @ 11:27 pm

After last week’s bad news that my easyCruise had been cancelled, I am pleased to report that we’ve managed to book something good, and cheap, to replace it.

We are off to Washington DC for a week, a chance to hang out and relax, do some sightseeing on our own timetable and most importantly, get away from life and work for a few days so we can recharge the batteries.

I am now in a better mood, and back in the swing of researching our new holiday destination.

Things I’ve learned this week…

Posted by Chris Green on Monday August 20 @ 11:20 pm

Well, more a case of things I learned last week. I haven’t done one of these for a while, but it’s been an interesting few weeks, with a lot going on in the world of the UK’s most controversial IT journalist, good, bad and a bit quirky, so here goes:

1)    My Macbook is proving to be one of my best investments of the year.
2)    I need to spend less…..well, a bit less ☺
3)    I need to sort out my credit cards, no doubt the same problem most of the population is struggling with.
4)    Running a V6 can be bloody expensive, even when there’s nothing wrong with it!
5)    Why the hell are people getting interested in LinkedIn (again) all of a sudden. It hasn’t changed, its still uninspiring, and like most social networking apps, it doesn’t really offer anything useful – it’s just a way of emailing your contacts that’s even slower and more cumbersome than just sending them a group email.
6)    Wind turbines are cool!
7)    We need to bring back hanging for society’s most heinous crimes – murder, manslaughter, rape, child molestation, treason and fraud against the state.
8)    Too many people have absolutely no respect for the law and their fellow citizens, and I’m convinced that hanging a few of them (but ideally a lot of them) by their necks, even just as an example to others, will send out a powerful message to the rest of society to grow up and stop behaving like animals.
9)    It’s a police force, not a police service – law enforcement should be feared and respected, not considered to be a toothless, politically-correct joke like it is right now.
10) can come up with the goods when you least expect it.
11)    I hadn’t realised how much I needed a holiday until I was told my original holiday plans had been cancelled.
12)    easyCruise is alright!
13)    TV in August is always rubbish – why!
14)    The UK mobile phone market is starting to suffer really badly from the delay to the launch of the iPhone – all the mobile phone makers are holding back their good stuff until they see what they are up against, meaning that most of what’s on the market, with the exception of maybe Motorola, is looking old and uninspired.
15)    Unrelated, but the Motorola Q9H is easily the best Windows Mobile-based smartphone I’ve encountered.
16)    With the exception of the above, Windows Mobile-based anything usually means it’ll be crap!
17)    Cancelling my Virgin Media (aka Telewest) cable modem was something I should have done a long time ago.
18)    All Wi-Fi hardware is not created equal, even when it’s supposed to conform to the same standard!
19)    Looking forward to watching Postal and colleague-spotting.
20)    I need to write more features.
21)    Getting frustrated with the PVR in my bedroom – it’s good, but I really need one that can record two Freeview channels at once.
22)    Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip is brilliant, and as usual, a US show I really like (Invasion, Line of Fire, etc) gets nuked after one season. Bah!
23)    I need a new laptop bag – any suggestions?
24)    Looks like QPR is about to be bought by someone who actually has some money – at last!

Social web tools I can and can’t live without

Posted by Chris Green on Saturday August 18 @ 5:45 pm

Following on from an interesting post I read on Drew’s blog, I’ve been thinking about the social web tools I use, and which ones I actually rely on and which are, well – bollocks!

First up, the good list – the top five things I use regularly and to an extent depend on for news, information and keeping in touch with people:

And now, the shit list, the five things I have used that I consider to be pointless, redundant and/or just plain rubbish:

So I guess the question is – what are your top five?

No holiday for me this year…

Posted by Chris Green on Tuesday August 14 @ 9:06 pm

To say I am in a bad mood this evening is an understatement. I’m absolutely fucking gutted!

Just got an email from easyCruise telling me that the third-party boat company that runs the Holland & Belgium inland cruise boat is in financial trouble and will be ceasing operations this Friday. Our cruise was supposed to start on Bank Holiday Monday, lasting for a week.

It was also going to be my only proper holiday, and a much needed one, this year.

I should add that I’m not mad at easyCruise. The company let me know the situation quickly and in an efficient and courteous manner. It has offered to refund the cost of my flights (booked through BMI) as well as the cost of the actual cruise, and have offered me a free cruise at some point over the next year on its own boat, currently sailing around Greece. Can’t fault that.

I’m just sick as a parrot as I was really looking forward to the trip.

Will have to see if I can find us a decent last-minute deal for the same period, but somewhere that isn’t full of kids and yobs.

Dear Father Christmas……

Posted by Chris Green on Tuesday August 7 @ 8:21 pm

….for Christmas this year, can I please have the following:

  • New 2GHz Apple Mac Mini
  • New Apple Bluetooth keyboard
  • New Apple wired keyboard
  • iLife 08
  • iWork 08

Thank you! in pictures

Posted by Chris Green on Friday August 3 @ 4:54 pm

A colleage of mine at work, Dean Gifford, put me on to a very cool web page which generates a graphical view of your web site based on links from the home page.

This is what this site looks like. Pretty cool I think 🙂

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