New blogs system over at IT PRO

Posted by Chris Green on Friday November 30 @ 7:25 pm


Yay – we’ve finally deployed our new blogging platform on IT PRO. Which means I have a new work blog:

As before, I’ll still be blogging here and won’t be blogging any less, but I’ll be blogging there more than I used to.

I’m still in the process of moving all my old posts from the last 18 months across from the old system to the new one (which is based on the multi user version of WordPress), so my blog is a little empty right now, there’s only my three most recent posts, including a new one I made today about Motorola boss Ed Zander quitting. But I’ll soon fix that.

As with all new web developments, there are still a few tiny niggles to be found and fixed, so if you find anything that doesn’t work like you would expect, or doesn’t work at all, please let me know.

A desktop app for managing multiple Gmail accounts

Posted by Chris Green on Sunday November 25 @ 6:24 pm


The recent introduction of IMAP support to Google Gmail is nothing short of a godsend, particularly for people like me that have more than one active Gmail accounts (for example, I use one for all my eBay stuff, one as a general back-up, one for freelance work etc) but for those who want to manage multiple Gmail accounts through their native web interfaces, all that logging in and out can be a pain in the arse.

Not any more!

I’ve been beta testing a new app called Mailplane. It is a Mac OS application that lets you do all sorts of funky things with a web-based Gmail account, such as drag-and-drop file attachments, iPhoto integration and chat management. Best of all, it gives you a very simple way of having multiple Gmail accounts and being able to switch between them just by clicking on the appropriate email address in the account list in Mailplane.

While it is in beta, Mailplane is free, and I have some spare invites going if anyone wants to have a play with it.

I’m not the only one that hits back at bad PR agencies

Posted by Chris Green on Sunday November 25 @ 6:03 pm

I was recently asked to participate in an online survey about journalist attitudes towards poorly-targeted press releases and PR people responsible. Well the results are out and it makes for some interesting reading.

More than two in five UK journalists (43 per cent) disclosed that they had blacklisted a PR person for pitching a story that was not relevant to the journalist and/or their publication.

New Media Knowledge did a follow-up article on the survey, which was carried out by Rainier PR, and it includes a few comments from yours truly, as well as from Rainier’s managing director Stephen Waddington.

You can read the article here.


Euro 2008 suddenly loses interest for me…..

Posted by Chris Green on Wednesday November 21 @ 11:00 pm

England managed to piss away their place in Euro 2008 tonight. Having been handed the mother of all second chances by Israel, all we had to do was beat a Croatia team that had nothing to play for, having already qualified no matter what their final result was.

Having gone 2-0 down thanks to two schoolboy errors by a rookie England keeper that had no business starting the game, we levelled it, and then blew it thanks to a cracking shot from a Croatian substitute.

With Russia having won 1-0 against Andorra, we are now out of the competition.

So, assuming Steve McLaren makes it out of Wembley alive tonight, will he do the decent thing and resign straight away or force the FA to sack his worthless arse.

Also – Scott Carson – you plank, you utter utter plank.

But spare a thought for kit maker Umbro, which has more than a few England shirts piling up in its warehouse. The company will be lucky to sell these as dish cloths now, and will probably be forced into a profits warning as a result of tonight’s failure.

On TV tonight

Posted by Chris Green on Tuesday November 20 @ 9:27 pm

Bear with me, this is the first time I have blogged using the iPhone.

I am appearing on BBC News 24 tonight at 8.40pm to talk about the Internet and how we are running out of capacity and IPv4 addresses.

Apologies now if I dumb things down too much in my attempts to explain the issue in plain English.

Crisis averted

Posted by Chris Green on Wednesday November 14 @ 6:38 pm

Earlier today I did a post about the problems I’ve been having trying to 1) get an iPhone in for review and 2) get any form of acknowledgement from Apple’s PR company of my many requests for said review unit.

I’m pleased to say that the blog post did the trick, and I’ll finally be getting my hands on a UK review model in the morning.

Thanks to Bite for finally getting in touch and sorting this out.

Talking and planning tech

Posted by Chris Green on Friday November 2 @ 12:02 am

It’s going to be a busy few weeks for me – I’m already half way into a huge travel schedule (San Francisco last week, got back yesterday nght from Frankfurt, off to Brussels next week and Barcelona the week after – with the possibility of New York the week after that) and I’ve still got a bucket load of techy stuff to catch up with.

For a start, I need to install Leopard. The plan is to deploy this on my main Mac mini (the Intel one) first, as I need to rebuild my desktop Mac OS X install anyway, so I’m going to do it as a clean install, and then rebuild from there. Once I know everything is working and compatible, I’m going to nuke and rebuild the Macbook. As it is now on its third hard drive since I bought it (started with the factory-fit 80GB, then upgraded to a 160GB, then downgraded to a 120GB with the intention of putting the 160GB in the Mac mini – BTW, anyone know what bits of a Mac mini I need to dismantle to do that – most I’ve done to one is take the lid off to fit more RAM?) the current Tiger install is starting to complain a bit, as its objecting to having been cloned from one drive to another, to another.

Besides, I think it is always best to move to a new OS with a clean install, it s agood opportunity to dump all that software you don’t use, debris on your system and any trial or demo software that may be on it.

The thing is finding the time. Doing surgery on the Mac mini before installing Leopard is going to take a bit of time, so I’m guessing I’ll lose a day just doing the hardware swap and initial OS install. I’ve also got a load of PCs that need bringing up to day and back into use (I built two machines recently, one to use as a Media Centre, the other as a new, albeit short-term, desktop capable of running Vista).

And I need to have another big eBay clearout. I’ve noticed that the floor in the study is disappearing again, as is space in the DVD cabinets.

So here’s the plan:


  • Reinstall Leopard on 1.2Ghz PowerPC Mac mini (which is currently living in the office and is already running Leopard for review purposes, must bring that machine home and make work buy me a Mac, or start billing work for use of my hardware)
  • Upgrade internal 2.5inch hard drive in Intel Mac mini
  • Install Leopard on Intel Mac mini
  • Reinstall Mac software, make sure everything works with Leopard
  • Nuke Macbook and reinstall with Leopard
  • Install Leopard on 1.4Ghz PowerPC Mac mini


  • Reinstall Compaq laptop with Vista (having now worked out that it is in fact Vista that keeps making it hang, and not duff RAM, I think it needs a clean install, and some more compatible drivers. Also, undecided which version to install, as it’s graphics card is modest and it doesn’t support the funky graphics stuff)
  • Install Vista Ultimate on the new temporary desktop machine
  • Install Vista Ultimate on the new Media Centre machine
  • Decide finally which room the Media Centre is actually going to live in
  • Nuke and reinstall Gateway laptop with Windows XP, give to mother to replace elderly P3 desktop machine
  • Nuke and reinstall test PC with a triple-boot of Windows XP, Vista Ultimate and some form of Linux, probably Ubuntu or Linspire – not sure yet


  • Set up new NAS box
  • Remove cable modem and associated wiring from study
  • Build wall-mounted charging rack for portable devices (an ideal I am  shamelessly stealing from Cali Lewis)
  • eBay clearout of items I have bought that I no longer want/need/use/can’t remember why I bought in the first place

Well – that’s the plan at least. All I need now are 12-day week with 5-day weekends and 32-hour days!

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