My car and the house on Google Maps

Posted by Chris Green on Thursday March 19 @ 4:01 pm

My car and the house

Originally uploaded by Chris Green.

Another piece of Google Maps Street View fun. It was a beautiful day when the car came past taking photos, so this shot of the outside of my house came out well.

Thankfully Google blurred out the registration number on my car (the green Rover 75) and the Peugeot 206 next to it.

I’m on Google Maps

Posted by Chris Green on Thursday March 19 @ 12:05 pm

As you might be aware, Google today added Street View images to the UK Google Maps service.

As luck would have it I was walking to the tube station on the morning that the Google camera car drove down the street where my house is, taking panoramic pics of the street as it went.

The car in question was a black Vauxhall Astra with a Google logo on the door and a set of cameras on the roof. Not as high-tech as you would expect from Google, but its how you do it.

Anyway, as I was standing on the pavement watching the car go by, I figured there was a chance that I might pop up in one of the subsequent images – and  I was right:


Google has smudged all the faces of people captured in the Street View images, along with car registration plates. Trust me, that really is me!

Street View also has a very nice pic of my house (furtunately it was a lovely day when the car came to do the pics). I’ll post that later.

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